Food Crossing District

Industrial symbiosis: new, shareable foods and products and a circular economies' map in Emilia-Romagna

Food Crossing District


Food Crossing District selects strategies and solutions for agri-food waste valorization and re-uses. The project involves the CIRI AGRO center with wide expertise on food processing and products and ENEA-LEA with large expertise on industrial symbiosis and eco-compatibility analysis by Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). To identify solutions aimed at maximum utilization of food stuffs, the abovementioned research centers work together with two important food companies, Casalasco and Barilla.


- Use and valorization of agri-food chain by-products by process optimization using technologies with low environmental impact: co-milling of olives and tomatoes peels and seeds, defatting durum wheat by-products;

- Design of new functional and/or nutraceutical food products;

- Enforcement of industrial symbiosis strategies to improve enterprises competitiveness, territorial synergies, economic-logistical aspects, and communication between private companies and research centers.

Food Crossing District

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